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Allie Casazza, host of the top-rated podcast, The Purpose Show is back with me today and I am so excited to share with you what we’ve been collaborating on together. Allie and I feel that you should launch a podcast with your message and voice into the world and we want to empower you with everything you need to know about podcasting. We both understand the fear around starting a podcast because we’ve been there too. I’m bringing the technical side of things and Allie is bringing the content and community side of things and together, we are going to arm you with all of the knowledge and know-how you need to launch your own podcast. 

It’s time to get your voice out into the world and into the ears of your ideal customers! 

What we’re talking about

  • The #1 Reason You Should Have A Podcast
  • The Secret To Defining Your Message
  • Repurposing Your Podcast Content
  • The #1 Podcasting Myth
  • A Podcast Creates A Community

The #1 Reason You Should Have A Podcast

Are you ready to find out what the #1 reason is for you to launch a podcast? It’s because it’s your duty. Allie says you’re selfish if you don’t start one because you have the ability to change a life, including your own with a podcast. You can change your business because of the marketing aspect of a podcast since you are literally in the ears of your ideal customers. I started my podcast to help others know that a career switch at any age and stage is possible and I know it’s helping people understand that. Your message is needed in the world and is worthy. 

The Secret To Defining Your Message

How do you define your message? My favorite way is to simply do a brain dump and create a list of every topic you would want to cover and what guests you’d like to interview. Share with others what you’ve learned along the way. Some questions to ask yourself…What would you want to hear about? What is it that sparks your interest in the podcasts you listen to? What is the vibe? What’s your niche? Who do you want to reach? Guests, solo episodes? Get clear. When you get really clear, you’ll find the confidence within yourself. 

Repurposing Your Podcast Content

Let’s talk about repurposing! Repurposing your podcast content will allow you to be in multiple places at once while only taking the time to create one piece of content. When we recorded this episode, I’d created 12 ways to repurpose one podcast episode, but have now come up with 15! (These are all in our course!). For both Allie and I, our podcasts are our queen content. We turn them into show notes with SEO, engagement questions, Instagram posts, live streams and more. Repurposing your content will allow you to work less AND grow your podcast! It creates the vision that you’re everywhere all the time and sets you up to bring on a team.

The #1 Podcasting Myth

There’s a myth out there that you need a big following in order to launch a successful podcast. I’m the example of someone who has a small following and doing it anyway. I started with just 20 downloads! One listener means you’ve accomplished what you’ve intended to accomplish. Your uniqueness, authenticity, and individuality are all reasons why you should have a podcast. You are different and that’s why people will want to listen to you. 

A Podcast Creates A Community

Allie and I agree that having a community of like-minded people who want to hear from you and your story makes such a difference. Allie created The Purpose Show Community Facebook group and there is a wealth of information, but also support in this group. A community provides opportunities for you and others. 

Start the podcast. Show up. Do it from your closet like I do! 

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